The emblem

Spirit of Youth – the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Game emblem – celebrates Singapore 2010 in an adventurous, open and

fun way. It evokes the Singaporean sense of confidence and progress. The three distinct elements of the emblem are:

The Flame of Passion – The intense red flame represents the passion to learn and the power of positive thinking. Red is also the national colour of Singapore.

The Star of Champions – The rich purple star symbolises excellence and the pride of representing one’s nation.

The Crescent of Tomorrow – The crescent reflects dynamic youth, full of promise. It has the lush green and calm blue colours of a tropical island city.

The Singapore 2010 Wordmark has an active appearance, comprising individual and unique characters that signify harmony among the diverse participants. Spirit of Youth inspires all of us to express the Olympic spirit and celebrate the first-ever Youth Olympic Games.

Design Company: Cubix International

Different kind of vertical emblems

Full Colour Emblem

Full Colour Emblem with
Rich Purple Rings


Grayscale Reverse

One Colour Emblem

Intense Red

One Colour Emblem

Rich Purple

One Colour Emblem

Calm Blue

One Colour Emblem

Lush Green

One Colour Emblem

New Black

One Colour Emblem

Intense Red - Reverse

One Colour Emblem

Rich Purple - Reverse

One Colour Emblem

Calm Blue - Reverse

One Colour Emblem

Lush Green - Reverse

One Colour Emblem

New Black - Reverse

Different kind of horizontal emblems

Primary colour palette

Intense Red

CMYK 0  90  100  0

Pantone Warm Red C

RGB 249  63  38

Rich Purple

CMYK 70  90  0  0

Pantone 266 C

RGB 109  40  170

Calm Blue

CMYK 85  0  10  0

Pantone 2995 C

RGB 0  165  219

Lush Green

CMYK 40  0  100  0

Pantone 375C

RGB  140  214  0

New Black

CMYK 0  0  0 10 0

Pantone 426 C

RGB  43  43  40

Youth Olympic Games Mascot – Lyo & Merly

Lyo & Merly - the story


Name: Lyo is an abbreviation of “Lion of the Youth Olympics”. Merly’s name comes from the French word “mer” [sea] and the letters L and Y refer to “liveliness” and “youthfulness”.


Description: Lyo reflects the national symbol of the city-state of Singapore, a lion. He symbolises the overflowing energy of young people, their determination to live life to the full and their ardour in their search for excellence. Merly is inspired by the merlion, a mythical sea creature with a lion’s head and a fish’s body, part of the local folklore.


Did you know? The mascots’ names were chosen through a competition. A total of 375 entries from more than 20 countries were received. The winners, from Singapore, were able to meet Lyo and Merly at the mascot presentation ceremony. Lyo and Merly feature on 40,000 silver and two-metal commemorative coins, produced in June 2010 to mark the creation of the first Youth Olympic Games in history.

The Merlion symbol was created in 1964 by Alec Fraser-Brunner as the logo of the Singapore tourist office. It gave birth to other works, among them includes an 8-metre statue, with a typical lion’s head and fish’s body, at Marina Bay in Singapore.

The mascots names

Different Mascot poses

The Pictograms
















Modern Pentathlon




Table Tennis







The Look of the Games

Singapore 2010 – Slogan