Olympic Games – The Design

One idea, 2 volumes, 58 Olympic Games, 260 designers, 6,500 images on 1,580 pages and a million hours of research to show the iconic symbols and graphic imagery of the modern Olympic Games. Perhaps you love the sports pictograms from Lillehammer 1994 or the Athens 2004 Look of the Games, the minimalist emblem of Tokyo 1964, the Look of the Games from Mexico 1968 or the sports posters from Munich 1972. When was the first logo, the first pictogram, the first Design manual? Each edition of the Olympics has a unique identity and many of its design elements have been further developed. In fact, some of these identities were challenging for designers, but more than that, they marked milestones in the development of corporate design. Olympic Games - The Design is the first book to focus in detail on the visual identities of all Olympic Games since Athens 1896. The books are available in bookstores and online platforms around the world.

Extract from my book: Olympic Games - The Design