Athens 2004 – Usage Guidelines

Designers: ATHOC 2004 Image & Identity Department


All guidelines regarding elements of visual identity, along with the presentation of each element were put together to create the visual identity manual of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games. Every Organising Committee is obliged to develop such a manual and the ATHENS 2004 Organising Committee was the first to develop an electronic interactive manual in the form of a DVD. ATHOC's manual was named Pythia, after the priestesses at the ancient oracle of Apollo in Delphi, Greece. Like the oracles, this DVD intended to provide answers to any questions relating to the visual identity of the Athens Games. Apart from Pythia, various others manuals were developed to cover needs of constituent groups and to make sure that every design application related to the Athens Games would be aligned. All manuals were produced in an electronic format (PDF files accompanied with supporting .eps files when necessary) to make it easy to pass the information quickly and costfree.