Exhibition & Lecture | Olympic Design

The development of graphic design through the Olympic Games Speaker and curator of the exhibition: Markus Osterwalder

Schule für Gestaltung SfG | St.Gallen, 26 October 2021

What began in Athens in 1896 is now the largest and most traditional sports event in the world with over 4 billion viewers. Every two years, in addition to top performances in winter and summer sports, top design performance is also achieved. The best graphic artists in the host country wrote unique design history. The eyes of the world are on this sporting event. Comprehensive and sophisticated design systems attract attention like in no other event.

The representation of the Olympic Games as well as the host nation is one of the most exciting aspects of the corporate design. The designer, archivist, historian and Olympic collector will host the evening. Markus Osterwalder has met and interviewed most of the living Olympic designers. Osterwalder gives us an insight into the best iconic appearances in history and the design system of the future Olympic Games. Videos and live interviews give a deep and personal insight into the work of the best designers in the world.