Exhibition | Design and Utopia of the Games

Rio de Janeiro, 09 August – 08 October 2016                                         Would it be utopian to dream of a universal language?

Curator & Collection – Markus Osterwalder, Herisau/Switzerland

Design & Production – Studio M'Baraká, Rio de Janeiro/Brasil


Centro Sebrae de Referência do Artesanato Brasileiro (CRAB)


In the year of the Rio de Janeiro’s Summer Olympic Games, estúdio M´Baraká in partnership with CRAB presents the exhibition “Design and Utopia of the Games”. From the collection of Markus Osterwalder, a Swiss designer and researcher that has been building a collection of memories and images of the Olympics since the 90’s, the exhibition presents 5 graphic designs of the Olympic and Paralympic Games that have stood out by their expressive power and thus, have become icons of international design: Tokyo ‘64; Mexico ‘68; Munich ‘72; Los Angeles ‘84 and Barcelona ‘92.

If, in one hand, the Olympics are a kind of universal ritual, in which all rules must be strictly followed, no matter which city hosts it , on the other hand, communication is what makes every edition unique. The symbolic universe built for the games’ communication and design will, inevitably, bring two opposing forces that don’t repeal one another, but are, rather, in mutual exercise: universality and uniqueness, a hybrid that will give color, consistency, smell and identity to each edition of the games.

With a Collection of classic and unique images, emotional references that refer to the city hosts of the games on the XX century, the exhibition highlights historical moments and challenges of the 5 editions presented. Tokyo 64, Mexico 68, Munich 72, Los Angeles 84 and Barcelona 92 are represented thorough graphic designs that have become icons of international design. Design &Utopia of the Games proposes a free interpretation of the creative process of 5 great designers: Yausako Kamekura, Eduardo Terrazas, Otto Aicher, Deborah Sussman and Joseph Trias.