Tokyo 1964 – Mythological Creature (unofficial mascot)

Designer: unknown

This is the un-official mascot, for 1964, due to the reason that it was the only figure-creature like, with the Olympic logo on it. It is a mythological creature (some will swear that they actually have seen it) named Kapa and it is very popular in Japanese culture. Starting in the year 1956 they have started to use this mascot at the annual Tokyo Sport festival, and every year the look of it is a bit different. The 1964 Tokyo Olympic version is the most popular and they have issued a pin set, some years after the Olympics, with every year's different Kapa design pin. During the 1964 Olympic Games, this Kapa pin with the Olympic logo, was the only pin that was issued in 1964. Kapa is a mythological creature for hundreds of years now. It has been adopted for all kinds of things in Japan, including the Tokyo sport festival.