Designers – Walter Von der Ven & Martha Van Kuyck

The Poster used for the fencing events

In Belle Epoque style, the poster shows a discus thrower in the foreground, a allusionto the ancient Olympic Games. Behind him are various swirling flags, attached to each other. In the background we can see the symbolic monuments of Antwerp: Notre Dame Tower, the Grote Markt, the Town Hall, and at the top right the coat of arms of the city. In 1914, while Antwerp was still a candidate, the Provisional Committee of the Games of the VII Olympiad produced a document entitled Aurons-nous la VIIe Olympiade à Anvers en 1920? (Will we have the Games of the VII Olympiad in Antwerp in 1920?). The aim was to convince the IOC that Antwerp could host the Olympic Games. Once Antwerp was elected, the Games Organisers decided that the design featured on the cover of this document would become the official poster.
Distribution - 90,000 copies of the poster were produced in 17 languages, including a bilingual French/Flemish series, uniquely destined for Belgium. 40,000 small posters of 30 x 20cm size were also distributed, inspired by the design of the official poster, but offering a view of the port in the background instead of the original city panorama. Printing house: Stockmans and Cie, Van Dieren and Cie {Lithograph)