Youth Olympic Winter Games Mascot – Sjogg


In the northern region of Lillehammer sjogg is a dialect word for snow. A name our mascot bears with pride.


Sjogg is a Lynx, recognisable from the long tufts on its ears and its short tail sporting a black tip. The Lynx is Norway’s only wild feline, and lives in amongst other places the woods and forests in the vicinity of Lillehammer. The Lynx is by a nature a shy and wary animal – so Sjogg is in other words quite unlike his wild cousins.


The Lynx has evolved to deal with the harsh realities of the

Norwegian winter, and sports a thick pelt and wide paws that do not sink easily into the deep winter snow. Sjogg took evolution to new heights when he acquired his onefoot ski-board. You will see many kids and youths in and around Lillehammer skilfully using onefooters in play – and not least as a fast, effi cient and fun way of getting around!


Sjogg was born and grew up in the forests around Lillehammer. But our cool little wildcat, unlike his peers, has a sociable nature and incurable curiosity, and the YOG crew soon adopted this furry little charmer. Sjogg has a personality that is exactly what we want the Youth Olympic Games to be: awesome and humble, playful and determined.

Designer: Line Ansethmoen, Lillehammer