The emblem

Innsbruck has twice been awarded the honor to host Olympic Winter Games and relates its emblem to its legacy as past Olympic Games host in 1964 and 1976 and the journey to the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2012. The Youth Olympic Games are not just an event for talented young athletes, but also a platform to communicate to young people all over the world, for them to interact and involve themselves in their community through sport, culture and education.

The design of the emblem reflects the vibrant, youthful city in the heart of the Alps combined with its traditional and natural way of life: tradition meets modernity! The Olympic Values friendship, respect and excellence are mirrored in the emblem – friendship as key motto for the YOG expressed by a key component, YOG-DNA – the IOCs brand identity for the Youth Olympic Games. It has been integrated for the first time in a host city emblem. In harmony with Innsbruck 2012, YOG-DNA is a striking label targeted at young people and representing their attitudes, freedom and creativity. It also contains the Olympic Rings (coloured or monochrome), one of the most powerful and well-known brands in the world, standing for respect from the old for the young and the young for the old.

Youth Olympic Winter Games Mascot – Yoggl

Yoggl - the story

Yoggl, our Alpine chamois, lives in the steep, rocky mountains which tower above the Youth Olympic venues Innsbruck, Seefeld and Kühtai. His name, Yoggl (pronounced like "YOG"), is based on the typical Tyrolean nickname "Joggl", which is short for Jakob, a very common name in the Tyrol. Yoggl is the compound of this nickname and the acronym of the Youth Olympic Games, YOG.
The chamois represents the way of life and the landscape of the host region, and his colourful pixel outfit merges traditional style with modern elements. Yoggl's sporty appearance reflects the athletic aspect of the Games, and his youthful character will spark the enthusiasm of young people from all over the world for the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games and the Olympic Values of Friendship, Respect and Excellence. But above all, Yoggl the mascot is a lucky charm for all athletes and a vivid example of the Innsbruck 2012 motto: "Be part of it!"

Designer: Florencia Demaría & Luis Andrés Abbiati | Argentina