Printed Material

Officially printed materials of Olympic Games are manifold. They are produced from the phase of application 10 years ahead of the games up until the publication of the Official Report two years after the games. In this time span tons of paper are being imprinted such as books, programmes, guide maps, regulations etc. The biggest challenge is to find all these prints. Normally they are being disposed of after the Games.

Official Bid Books

Pre-Olympic Magazines

Pre Olympic Newsletters

Official Reports

Official Spectators Guides

Official Transp. Guides

Official Souvenir Programmes

Official Maps

Daily Programmes

Sport Regulations

Athletes Guides

Olympic City Guides

Telephone Directories

Athlets Transp. Guides

Media Guides

Media Transport Guides

Broadcasters Handbooks

Olympic Family Guides

Graphic Guidelines

Sponsors Guides

Sponsors Transportation Guides

Merchandising Catalogues

Team Leaders Guides

NOC Ass. Training Manuals

NOC Services Instructions

Volunteer Training Manuals

Chef de Mission Dossier

Official Souvenir Books

Official Books

Athletics Statistic Book

Opening Ceremony Programmes

Closing Ceremony Programmes

Opening Ceremony Media Guide

Closing Ceremony Media Guide

Educational Material for Volunteers

Application Material for Volunteers

Pin Catalogues

Official Results

Quick Reference Guide (Intranet)

Sport Entries and System Manual

Drug Formulary Guide

Team Captains Manuals

Official Ticket Catalogue

Olympic Village Newspapers

Training Programmes

Cultural Programmes

Cultural Guides

Environmental Guides

Torch Relay Guides

Official Results

Accreditation Guide

Olympic Village Guide

Olympic Village Maps

Flag Manuals