The Designer - Bruno Maag

His background has always been in typography, starting with a typesetting apprenticeship and followed by a typographic design degree at the Basel School of Design. It was during this first bit of further education at Basel that I was introduced to type design. Doing Visual Communication was simply an extension of my desire to continue my design education and deepen my understanding of type design.

As my education came to an end, I knew I wanted to be a type designer for the rest of my life. During some work experience at Stempel (yes, I am that old), I met Rene Kerfante who eventually moved to Monotype in the UK. He invited me to join Monotype to start up a Custom Type department. The day I started was also when I first met Just van Rossum, who spent a couple of months at Monotype for work experience. We were both huddled around the only Mac in the company doing fun stuff, whilst the Monotype staff were merely shaking their heads.

After my work at Monotype, both in the UK and the US, I started Dalton Maag with Liz Dalton, my wife. I simply couldn’t find the right job in the type design industry, and really, I wanted to be my own boss. The company has grown steadily and organically over the last twenty years, and today Dalton Maag employs over forty people, most of us based in London but also in Boston, Brazil, Vienna and most recently in Hong Kong.

Font creation process

The Typefaces

The Rio2016 font was specially created by Dalton Maag in 2011 as part of Rio 2016™ visual language. It was inspired by the letters and numbers in the Rio 2016™ Olympic and Paralympic Games Signatures, as well as passion and transformation – the essence of the Games. Its letters were designed with a sweeping gesture (as in graffiti) and a single dash, in an agile and fluid movement, to suggest athletes’ movement and reflect the variety of curves present in Rio’s landscape.
Although it has cursive qualities, it is a display font - a type of font that, due to its constructive characteristics, has a very strong visual impact, functioning as an illustrative element, given that its shape has practically the same importance as the content it conveys.

Rio2016 Display Font

Exclusive and proprietary, the Rio2016 font is ideal for short messages with rich conceptual content. It brings personality and originality to Rio 2016™’s communications, generating immediate and objective identification.

The Rio2016 font has two weights: Regular and Light.

TheSansRio2016 – Text Fonts
The Rio2016 font is exclusive and proprietary. These are fonts used for Rio2016™ headlines and text.