Vancouver 2010 – Look of the Games

Designer: VANOC Design Team

The Look of the Games consisted of the elements shown below and could be used in very different variations/proportions. The foundation serves as the basis, on which the components can be connected in almost infinite ways. A special reference to the Games is created by the sports pictures, which show winter sports enthusiasts in action and thus lend the Look a special dynamic. The aim of the VANOC design team was to use the Look to tell a story of the culture and nature of Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada in connection with the Olympic Games. “Transformation and fusion” served as an ideal basis for the team; these terms were intended to breathe life into the visual elements of the Look. The designers sought their inspiration in Vancouver and the surrounding area – and found it in the vitality and cultural power of city life, which is constantly changing just like nature from the Pacific coast to the mountains surrounding the metropolis. The dynamics of this constant change are reflected in the overall Look. A central element is water, which is omnipresent in various ways – be it the waves of the Pacific on the coast, be it streams, waterfalls and lakes in the mountains: water flows everywhere and constantly changes the region. Vibrant city life with its rich cultural and Canada’s multicultural society, the latter of which can also be applied to the Olympic family, provide another focal point for the Look. In short, the VANOC design team combined natural, urban, cultural and sporty/Olympic elements to create this specific Look of the Games, whose colours, as explained above, are essentially blue and green.