Sydney 2000 – Look of the Games (Fluid Energy Graphic)

Designer: FHA Image Design

Imagine calm water and throw something into it, for example a stone: starting from the place where the stone dips, concentric rings spread over the surface of the water. This picture is the basic idea of the Fluid Energy Graphic, the Look of the Games in Sydney. The waves of enthusiasm that the Olympic spirit was able to arouse in the Australian population before and during the Games can also be described as symbolic. Furthermore, energy, waves, enthusiasm and passion are of course also perfect synonyms for the challenge of an athlete in Olympic competitions; his/her body is also in constant, fluid and at the same time rational movement. Perhaps the most effective and literal interpretation of Fluid Energy Graphic is the reflection of the Olympic rings in the blue water of the Sydney Harbour basin. It was also important to the graphic designers at FHA Image Design to use Fluid Energy to present the energy of the Olympic Movement and its spirit. Since Australia is not only surrounded by the sea, but also a continent of deserts, not only water and its movement are part of the Fluid Energy Graphic, but also fire, for example the effect of heat haze (Fata Morgana). Fire is the ideal synonym for passion, a central characteristic of Olympic athletes. In short, the designers found inspiration for the Fluid Energy Graphic in the Olympic spirit as well as in the scenic and cultural diversity of the entire fifth continent. In addition to Sydney Harbour, they thought of other hotspots of tourist Australia, such as the volcanic hills of Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges, the Great Barrier Reef, the Kata Tjuta mountain range (“The Olgas”) or the hills around the opal mines of Coober Pedy.