Sochi 2014 – Look of the Games (patchwork quilt)

Designer: Bosco’s Creative Department

In terms of land surface, Russia or the Russian Federation is the largest country on earth, whose approximately 17 million square kilometres correspond to more than one tenth of the world’s land area, roughly as much as Australia and Europe combined. Russia is divided into nine time zones from east to west and three climate zones from south to north. Its population consists of 1,600 nationalities, speaking 180 different languages. In short, within its borders this giant country has an enormous cultural, geographical and social diversity, which can best be represented graphically with a quilt pattern – and precisely such a quilt was chosen by the designers as the basic idea for the Look of the Games of Sochi 2014. Cultural characteristics and traditions can be perfectly combined with the green of the huge forests of Siberia, the icy white of glaciers and mountain peaks, the blue of lakes and rivers; not to mention the extensive forms of natural phenomena and other colours. The main graphic of the Look of the Games 2014 was based on different traditional Russian patterns, ornaments and crafts, which are presented in detail on this double page. To unite them all together in one design was intended to symbolise the inner connection of Russia’s traditions, cultures and nationalities. In its writings, the Organising Committee expresses the hope to make the timeless Russian ornaments known around the world thanks to the Look of the Games graphics of these Olympic and Paralympic Games.