Salt Lake 2002 –Look of the Games (Crystal Rhythm)

Designer: Landor Associates & Evans Group – Creative Team

The Look of the Games of Salt Lake 2002 is defined by the so-called Crystal Rhythm. Basically, as shown on the right, the Crystal Rhythm is a further development of the snow crystal of the official emblem, the latter remaining the undisputed crucial element, and is the actual visual main feature of these Games. It determines and shapes their visual identity, not least through millions of television broadcasts all over the world; one reason why the Crystal Rhythm had to be present on a large scale in the Olympic venues and public spaces in and around Salt Lake City. The stylistic diversity of the Crystal Rhythm’s individual components made this Look perfect for these Games, while also preserving the underlying thematic and graphic ideas.  The designers from Landor Associates, as they stated in the official report, attached importance to the fact that “a balance must be maintained within the Crystal Rhythm in order to preserve the integrity of the crystal and to ensure that it is large enough to remain recognisable”. At first glance, this means the consistent use of the slogan “Light the Fire Within” as well as the main colours of the colour palette, which ultimately symbolise a fusion of fire and ice. As already mentioned, these colours reflect the diversity of the landscape of Utah with its extremes from fiery-dry deserts to icy-cold snowy mountains.