Munich 1972 – Look of the Games (The Rainbow Games)

Designer: Abteilung XI of the Munich 1972 Organising Committee

Its playful motto was demonstrated for pure pleasure at the end of the Olympic Games. A long plastic, helium-filled balloon extended over the Olympic lake in Munich. It was a rainbow in colours chosen from the Olympic spectrum which cannot be compared to any other rainbow, not even a natural one. It was a special feature of the Olympic Games. This consciously chosen band of happy colours was almost always used for sheer decorative and ornamental purposes. It was also tied around the thick stadium pylons, it was posted on the highrise tower in the Olympic Village, it fluttered in streamers from roofs and poles. It was pasted to automobile bodies, motorcyclist jackets, and newspaper stands. It also decorated official documents and in this manner unnoticeably removed their authoritative rigidity. Today we call this kind of
environmental decoration “Look of the Games”. This wording appeared for the first time in Los Angeles 1984. Shortly before the start of the Munich 1972 Games, a kind of motto appeared, called "die Regenbogenspiele" in German, meaning "the Rainbow Games".