Moscow 1980 – Look of the Games

Designer: unknown

Although the term “Look of the Games” was not yet born in 1980, the organisers realised that it was not possible to create a comprehensive design of the Olympic Games with just an emblem, the pictograms, the mascot and a colour palette. This idea led to in flags, decorative elements in the stadiums, billboards, façade claddings on public buildings and show interludes at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. For the decoration of sports facilities, public buildings, streets and squares, stripes in the colours of the colour palette of these Games were used: yellow, orange, red, blue, dark green and light green. The six colours were applied in very different ways to the surrounding design and the printed matter. The colour gold was sometimes used as background. This colour combination could be exchanged at will, but the recognition effect was always given. This form of environmental design was already known from the Games in Munich in 1972 and Montréal in 1976. The “era of stripes” continued until the Summer Games in Seoul in 1988.