Athens 2004 – Look of the Games (Panorama Graphics)

Designer: ATHOC Image & Identity Department

The Panorama should reflect an unmistakable, unique picture of Greece. The basis of the corresponding graphic was formed by the colours and the language and culture of Greece, but also by its characteristic landscape. In the Panorama you can see the intense summer sun as well as the endless sea and the play of its waves. The strong, intense, warm or subtle colours of olive groves and orchards, flowering bushes and flowers, barren stone or fine marble resonate just as strongly. These (coloured) references to the nature of Greece are combined in the Panorama with elements from Hellenic history, for example in the form of patterns or inscriptions of ancient vases and mosaics. The old inscriptions refer directly to the sports competitions of the ancient world and their winners. In addition, the flowing forms of the Panorama graphics are a symbol of the dynamics of sporting motion sequences. Last but not least, the Panorama included all other visual elements of the Games, including the official emblem, pictograms, mascots and main marks.