Innsbruck 1976 – Mascot Schneemandl

Designer: Walter M. Pötsch

The official mascot of the XII Olympic Winter Games bears the name Schneemandl. The name was meant to be a working title, but was never changed again. In the Austrian colloquial language, proper names are played down by additional letters at the end of words. Thus the “Schneemann” (snowman) evolved into the “Schneemandl”. This snowman has coal eyes, a carrot nose and wears a red Tyrolean hat with feathers. It was designed by th all- rounder Walter M. Pötsch. The mascot was intended to be typically Tyrolean, wintry, sporty, cheerful, simply lovable. It was quite deliberately not too modern and artistic, simplicity was the trump card. For the first time the Olympic mascot was designed in various poses, especially when practising other sports. The Schneemandl was omnipresent before and during the Games and became a huge financial success due to the numerous souvenirs that were sold all over Austria.

Innsbruck 1976 – Mascot Sonnenweiberl

Designer – Walter Pötsch