Grenoble 1968 – Mascot Shuss

Designer: Aline Lafargue

Schuss, a little fellow with an oversized head and a single foot, in a schuss position, was the first mascot in the history of the Olympic Games. This character, produced on the occasion of the Grenoble Olympic Games, was created by Aline Lafargue from the “Films and Promotion” studios in Paris. It must be underlined, that Schuss was the first official mascot although the IOC didn't accept the fact that the Organising Committee from Grenoble 1968 has used the mascot for promotional purposes and declared the mascot as the "personnage officiel des Xe Jeux Olympiques d'hiver". The official merchandising on the left side below shows the writing as the official mascot written on the package and on the right side you see the back of the cover of the official Program from the Grenoble 1968 Olympic Winter Games.