Sydney 2000 – Emblem

Designer – FHA Image Design

The official report describes the idea behind the emblem in the sense and spirit of the organisers as follows: “The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games emblem aims to convey the essence of Sydney, a modern metropolis on the edge of an ancient land in its role as host city of the 2000 Olympic Games. It represents a partnership between Australia’s ancient past and vibrant present. It seeks to capture the inspirational qualities of Olympism.” Two elements in three colours form the emblem itself: the blue lightning at the top is reminiscent of the curved, unmistakable roof of the Sydney Opera House, one of the world’s most famous architectural monuments. The lightning is supposed to represent the vitality of Australian culture, but also reminds of the fire of the Olympic torch. Under the lightning, in the colours yellow and red. The figure symbolises the speed and agility of a “Millennium Man” athlete, moving towards the new millennium. His arms and legs are made of three boomerangs, the most famous symbol of Australia (or its natives) in the world along with the kangaroo. The three colours of the emblem symbolise the sea in Sydney Harbour (blue), the sun of Australia (yellow) and its earth (red). The addition of the “Sydney 2000” lettering and the Olympic rings completes the Millennium Man the emblem.