St. Moritz 1948 – Graphic Symbol

Designer: Unknown

When the V Olympic Winter Games were awarded to St. Moritz in September 1946, there were only 15 months left to organise them. The sun, which had been legally protected since 1937 as a symbol of the town, and the word mark “St. Moritz” were already known at home and abroad and were to be used at the Games. On the other hand, the Olympic rings had been well established since 1920. Interestingly enough, however, no fixed combination of these graphic elements was created to represent the V Olympic Winter Games and the host city. The Organising Committee solved the task by using the rings plus the designations “V. Olympische Winterspiele St.Moritz 1948” for some official printed matter such as stationery, registration forms, etc. The typography used was also treated differently. The word mark “St. Moritz” by Walter Herdeg could be seen on brochures, start numbers, stamps and the official guide. The same applies to the St. Moritz sun, which also became an integral part of several printed materials. On the basis of these facts, it is not possible to speak unequivocally of just one emblem. All elements (Olympic rings, St. Moritz word mark, sun and typography), which belonged to the visual identity, were combined with each other in completely different ways.

Word mark "St.Moritz" used in 1948

Word mark "St.Moritz" used today