Sochi 2014 – Emblem

Designer: Interbrand

In order to create an emblem or brand for Sochi 2014 that would be understood both nationally and internationally, Interbrand in Moscow brought together a team of 12 professionals recruited in-house from around the world. They were to find the perfect creative balance between the brands “Russia” and “Sochi 2014”/Olympic Winter Games. The result was not an emblem in the classical sense, but “only” a word mark, which had not been used for the Olympic Games since Mexico 1968: “Sochi 2014” was supplemented with the Russian Internet domain abbreviation “.ru” and the Olympic rings. In addition, the number 2014 functioned as a mirror image of the letters s-o-i-h of Sochi. According to Interbrand designers, the word mark “ 2014” was full of symbolism despite or because of its simplicity. For example, the official report on the effect of the reflection states that “This idea was intended to emphasise the climatic polarity of the city, where snow-capped mountains are reflected in the surface of the warm Black Sea. The mirror also symbolises the contrasts of Russian nature, and the diversity of peoples, cultures and ideologies.” The official presentation of the word mark “ 2014” on 30 November 2009 at the Red Square was attended by President Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin (then Prime Minister) and IOC President Jacques Rogge.