Salt Lake 2002 – Emblem

Designer: Ben Hermel/Landor Associates

The emblem of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake is basically a snowflake, a snow crystal, but its symbolism goes far beyond that. Its primary purpose is to symbolise the four core themes of these Games: contrast, culture, courage and celebration. The main contrasts are two features of Utah’s landscape: the desert sun and the snow of the Rocky Mountains. The crystal shape of the emblem is also strongly inspired by old patterns from the cultural heritage of Utah, i.e. the indigenous culture. The athletic courage of the athletes and the Olympic ideals are reflected in the strong, contrasting colours of the emblem. The emblem of the Salt Lake Games is divided into three sections; the designers called them amber, sunset and mountain shadow. The Olympic flame is easily recognisable in the amber, while the sunset’s shape resembles the weaving patterns of the Navajo Indian Utah rugs. Mountain shadow is a snow-covered mountain ridge, reminiscent of this extreme landscape that stretches from dry desert to snow-capped mountains. The emblem is completed with the stroke “Salt Lake 2002” in the typography of the Games, which is Frutiger 65 bold. The lettering can be placed under or next to the crystal. Last but not least there are the Olympic rings.