Rome 1960 – Emblem

Designer: Armando Testa

The base of the emblem of these Games is the famous landmark of the city of Rome. Armando Testa has succeeded in ideally combining this symbol with the Olympic rings. It shows the Capitoline Wolf who suckles the twin brothers Romulus and Remus, the two mythical founders of Rome. Under this landmark, the Roman numerals “MCMLX” are shown, representing the year 1960. The Olympic rings are presented at the bottom. Although Testa has perfectly combined these three elements (symbol of Rome, year and Olympic rings), there are two weaknesses: to understand the emblem, the viewer must be able to recognise the symbol of Rome and decipher the Roman numerals. Incidentally, it is the only emblem in Olympic design history on which the name of the city does not appear in the emblem.