PyeongChang 2018 – Emblem

Designer: Ha Jong-joo/Cheil Worldwide

The starting point and source of inspiration for the creation of the emblem is the Korean alphabet Hangul: the outlines  and  are derived from the first consonant of each syllable of PyeongChang. This, in turn, creates the symbol  , an open square where people can meet in harmony with heaven and earth, referring to the eastern philosophy of Cheonjiin, according to which heaven, earth and man form a cosmic unity. The second symbol XX has two meanings: on the one hand it stands as an abstract form of a snow or ice crystal for winter, on the other hand the athletes with their outstanding performances are the undisputed stars of the Winter Games. The emblem consists of the five colours yellow, red, blue, green and black – the five Olympic colours; the rings are thus reflected in the colours of the two symbols of the emblem. Moreover, these colours also symbolise the five Korean primary colours, which are rooted in the national traditions and play a permanent role in Korea’s everyday life and culture.