Paris 1900 – Exposition Universelle 1900 Seal

Designer: unknown

No emblem was designed for the Games of the Olympiad in Paris 1900. In connection with the World Exhibition in Paris 1900 there was a seal, which pointed to this event. This seal is not recognized by the International Olympic Committee and is not an official emblem. In 1897, the Organising Committee was set up under the name “Comité d’Organisation des Jeux Olympiques de 1900”. The name for the Games was “Jeux Olympiques de 1900, Paris”, which existed until the Organising Committee of the World Expo took over. From then on, the spelling changed to “Exposition Universelle Internationale de 1900 – Concours Nationaux et Internationaux d’Exercices Physiques et de Sports”. The use of terms and their order were not consistently applied at the time.