Nagano 1998 – Emblem

Designer: Masanori Shinozuka/Landor Associates, Tokyo

On behalf of the NAOC, Landor Associates’ designers created the visual identity of Nagano 1998. As the emblem was given a key role in this process, the Organising Committee formulated certain conditions it had to fulfil. Three guiding principles were applied: first, to link the emblem to the 21st century or 3rd millennium; second, to express respect for the beauty and richness of nature; and third, to promote world peace and goodwill. After 100 designers from Landor offices all over the world had worked out over 1,000 concepts in five months, the so-called snowflower emblem was finally chosen as the winner and presented to the public in January 1993. The six coloured petals of the stylised mountain plant and their shadows are contours of winter sportsmen and sportswomen, whose characteristic shape later formed the basis for the creation of the sports pictograms. In addition, the flowers create the hexagonal pattern of a snow crystal, one of the most central symbols of Winter Games in general. The reference to a blossoming mountain flower naturally corresponds perfectly with the Games slogan “coexistence with the nature” and thus with the NAOC’s requirement to organise Games in harmony with nature.