Mexico 1968 – Emblem

Designer: TBD

When the design of emblem 68 was completed, the word “Mexico” had to be added. It was obvious to transfer the formal language that had developed from the number 68 to the six letters of “Mexico”. This is how the complete word mark or rather the whole emblem of the Games, consisting of the name of the Olympic city, the year of the event and the Olympic rings, was created. Subsequently, all possibilities of how the “Mexico 68” emblem could be applied were tested. The black and white version with the coloured Olympic rings was chosen as the standard version. Tests were also carried out in the Olympic colours, i.e. blue, yellow, black, green and red. There have also been experiments with one-, two-, three- and four-colour variants on white or coloured backgrounds. The number of possibilities was infinite. The emblem was developed in just two weeks in December 1966 and was used everywhere from January 1967.