London 1908 – Graphic Symbol

Designer: unknown

For the London 1908 graphic symbol the Organising Committee used the symbol developed for the British Olympic Council in 1905 and added on the bottom the text “Olympic Games”, “London 1908” and “IV. International Olympiad”. The Committee used this graphic symbol on several documents and badges. The printed graphic symbol was mostly done in black, gold, silver and bronze also with a relief effect or on metal also in relief. In the centre was the head of Athena, the Greek goddess, wearing a Corinthian helmet facing a laurel branch. This motif refers to a relief. The so-called Mourning Athena rests her head on her spear. The head slightly bowed, she contemplates a rectangular stele in front of her, perhaps a terminal boundary of a sanctuary, or a tombstone. The IOC does not recognise this graphic symbol as the emblem of the London 1908 Olympic Games.