Innsbruck 1976 – Emblem

Designer: Arthur Zelger

Due to a preparation period of only three years, the Organising Committee decided not to announce a time-consuming competition for a new emblem. It commissioned the graphic artist Arthur Zelger to slightly adapt his emblem of the Innsbruck 1964 Games. The organisers offered him an amount of approximately US$ 3,300 for the redesign including assignment of all rights of use. The letter from Arthur Zelger to the Organising Committee (bottom right) explains in detail how to use the new emblem. No separate design guidelines for use were created. The main difference between the emblems of 1964 and 1976 is the simplified stylised bridge over the Inn from the Innsbruck city coat of arms, which this time was designed to drop off at the edge. This bridge has been connecting the two riverbanks between the old town and the Hötting district for centuries. Therefore the emblem symbolises the union of peoples. In addition Zelger used the Olympic rings in only one colour und chose Helvetica Bold, a more contemporary typeface. A direct comparison shows that the new emblem underwent a rejuvenating treatment and was more in keeping with the times. In Zelger’s sketches there was even found a draft integrating both dates (1964 and 1976). However, this variant was never submitted to the Organising Committee. Interestingly, for Zelger the idea of developing a symbol for the Bergisel ski jump from the letter “i” was also an option for the new emblem. It was from this basic idea that the official poster of the Winter Games finally developed.