Innsbruck 1964 – Emblem

Designer: Arthur Zelger

The first step on the way to giving the Games an independent face was the creation of an emblem representing the city of Innsbruck, the province of Tyrol, the Republic of Austria and the Olympic ideals. On 30 January 1961, the Organising Committee presented the emblem of the IX Olympic Winter Games, designed by Professor Arthur Zelger from Innsbruck, to the public. Zelger’s design is strongly based on the coat of arms of the City of Innsbruck, the first mention of which dates back to 1267. The name of the city refers to a bridge over the Inn River, and although this bridge adorns the coat of arms of the City of Innsbruck, it is not its landmark. Instead, it is the “Golden Roof”, a magnificent late Gothic bay window on an old town house. The Games emblem of the IX Olympic Winter Games shows a white bridge in a bird’s eye view on a red surface, surrounded by the lettering “Innsbruck 1964”. The shape of the surface is strongly based on typical forms of heraldry. The five Olympic rings are depicted in colour above the symbol, which represents the city of Innsbruck. A whole series of different variations of colours and backgrounds have been used, some of which can be seen on this page.