Calgary 1988 – Emblem

Designer: Gary W. Pampu

The Organising Committee for the XV Olympic Winter Games was founded in April 1982. Given Canada’s bilingualism, its name was a mixture of English and French: “Olympiques Calgary Olympics '88”, abbreviated to OCO’88. OCO’88 had used a stylised snowflake design from the CODA (Calgary Olympic Development Association) as a symbol for the bid phase. On closer inspection, this snowflake is formed out of several “C” letters. The small “c” should represent Calgary, while the large “C” should represent Canada. But the symbolism goes further: The five large “C” letters connected to each other symbolise the motto of the Games, “Coming Together in Calgary”. Furthermore, the snowflake, itself a symbol of Olympic Winter Games, has the shape of a maple leaf, the national emblem of Canada. Combined with the five Olympic rings, this emblem became the cornerstone of Calgary’s 1988 marketing and communications programmes. The typography of the first version used for the bid was Univers Condensed Bold. The designers chose Futura Medium for the new word mark “Calgary '88”. The Univers was preserved in continuous text.