Beijing 2008 – Emblem

Designer: Guo Chunning

In order to find the perfect emblem, the BOCOG had announced an international design competition running from July to October 2002. Of the 1,994 entries from all over the world, the jury finally chose the design by Guo Chunning, which was presented to the public in revised form by the Organising Committee at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing on 3 August 2003. The emblem with the name “Chinese Seal, Dancing Beijing” combines the traditional Chinese seal and calligraphic art with athletic movement and at the same time transforms the Chinese character “jing”, literally meaning “the capital”, into a human figure running and dancing toward victory. The dancing figure is framed by graceful curves, which are also connected to the flying dragon or a flowing river, symbolising the vitality of the Chinese nation. The figure’s arms are also spread out to show that the Chinese are warmly welcoming the Olympic family to China. Red as one of the favourite colours in China is also the main colour of the emblem. The “Beijing 2008” lettering reflects the style of traditional Chinese calligraphy and harmonises with both the emblem and the Olympic rings.

Promotion video of the emblem