Albertville 1992 – Emblem

Designer: Bruno Quentin & Alain Doré/Desgrippes & Associés

The emblem of the Games depicts a red Olympic flame, symbolising the Olympic spirit; a white cross is drawn in the flame. The flame and the cross refer directly to the coat of arms of the French department of Savoy, to which Albertville belongs. To the left and right of the flame there are fivethin red lines running parallel to each other. A red and a blue brushstroke are drawn under the flame symbol, the arrangement and white space of which are reminiscent of the French tricolour. Again under it the writing “Albertville 92” and the Olympic rings complete the emblem. Bruno Quentin had designed a first version of the emblem, already with the red flame with the Savoy cross plus the brushstroke tricolour, for the bid phase of the Games (see first pages of this chapter). During this phase a mascot called Chamois already existed. In 1988, after completing the Winter Games in Calgary, the Paris agency Desgrippes & Associés modified Quentin’s emblem on behalf of the COJO. The main changes to the emblem of the bid phase are the writing “Albertville 92” in Pierre Katz’s typography and the Olympic rings. The predominant colour of the visual identity of the Games was white. In proportion, the colours should be used as follows: 70 percent white and 10 percent each red and blue. The remaining Olympic colours plus grey together accounted for a further 10 percent. One colour was assigned to each of the various functions: sports: red; public reception: blue; media: yellow; VIP area: grey; organisers: green.