Lake Placid 1980 – Emblem

Designer: Robert Whitney

The Organising Committee commissioned Robert W. Whitney to submit a design for the emblem. His emblem shows a mountain with a tower and two Olympic cauldrons at its top, because Lake Placid was allowed to host the Winter Games for the second time after 1932. This design element is to be interpreted very symbolically since there was neither an Olympic flame nor an Olympic cauldron in Lake Placid 1932. Additionally, the Olympic rings are embedded in these two convex inlets. The three stripes in the American national colours red, white and blue, typical of the 1970s. For the emblem’s typography, Whitney chose the Antiqua typeface Optima, which is basically a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Hermann Zapf in 1952, but only launched in 1958. The emblem was used in four colours, two colours and one colour, with or without a frame and with or without writing.