Lake Placid 1932 – Graphic Symbol

Designer: Witold Gordon

When it comes to Lake Placid, one cannot clearly speak of an emblem. Although Witold Gordon’s motif on the official poster is by far the most widely used graphic symbol of these Winter Games, it is far too complex to be an emblem in its entirety and corresponds more to a poster motif. In the centre the outlines of the American map, on which the city Lake Placid is marked at the upper right edge, are surrounded by a circle. In front of it, a ski jumper is depicted in flight. Typographically, the venue, the country (USA) or the state (New York), the date of the Winter Games and their edition, in this case “III Olympic Winter Games”, are stated. Besides a full-colour version, there was also a monochrome, simplified one. This graphic symbol was mainly known in English, but French editions were also produced. The choice of font varied. In addition, several purely typographic variants with the Olympic rings were used. This graphic symbol is not an Olympic emblem although it has been recognized by the IOC.